Artist Kaya Tinsman: The Link between All Beings

Kaya Tinsman’s paintings and pet portraits are on display at the Carversville Grocery. Inspired by nature and the cycle of death and renewal, Kaya’s work reminds us of the preciousness of life and the link between all beings.  In addition to painting, Kaya has a unique line of jewelry that incorporates the bones of small creatures. You can learn more about Kaya and her work on her site Little Gypsy Bones. Here’s what the artist says about herself:

“I grew up in Lumberville, an artist community on the Delaware River in rural Bucks County, PA. I attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where I majored In Painting. Upon graduating, I returned to Bucks County to surround myself with the forests of my childhood.

While hiking with Rothko, my little weirdo dog, I began discovering the bones of local fauna. Eventually, the bones I collected overwhelmed my living space and I began incorporating them into my artwork.

As I had been painting pet portraits in oils for a number of years, it was a natural transition for me to paint the animals I found on my wanderings. These paintings, however, did not encapsulate the entirety of feeling I had for the sweet departed souls I encountered. So with the inspiration of Memento Mori, Transi Tombs, and Mourning Jewelry, I began using the bones in weavings and jewelry as a way to pay homage to and reflect on the lives of the animals.”

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