Where do Caterer’s Go to Eat? Tonight it was Liberty Hall Pizza in Lambertville!

dsc00786When the Max Hansen Caterer and Max Hansen Carversville Grocery crew go out to eat you can be sure of one thing: there’s going to be some good food!!  Last night at Liberty Hall Pizza exceeded our every expectation. It helps that Carversville Grocery executive chef Joe Frost was the guest chef and he brought over some of our favorite grocery ingredients to work with.   Showing up with house made porchetta and short rib pastrami and some other specialty ingredients we knew Joe was going to “throw down” some serious pizza.

Making the local Lambertville scene was Philly PR maven Peter Breslow.  You know that you’re in the right place when Peter is chowing down at the table next to yours.  We enjoyed some spectacular artisan pies including:

  • Carversville Cured Pastrami Pie: Gruyere, Djion Bechamel, House Cured Pastrami, Caraway-Parmesan Crisps
  • Carversville Porchetta Pie: House Smoked Porchetta, Fontal Cheese, Charred Broccoli Rabe, Pickled Long Hots, Charred Lemon & Garlic

We will look for you next time we go out grazing. In the meantime, come visit us in Carversville where we continue to set the bar higher and higher in our quest for creating tasty food. #lovelocalfood

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