Cooks, Musicians & Magicians- A Casual Exhibit of the Works of James Feehan


In the Carversville tradition a Casual exhibition of Works by James Feehan

Through December 31st Bucks County artist James Feehan will grace the walls again at Max Hansen Carversville Grocery. James will be  dsc02321_2exhibiting several new and selected paintings. His reflections on cooks, musicians and magicians.

Feehan especially enjoys the unique opportunity and warm surroundings to share his vision. Paintings, drawings and a hand painted tile will be available for sale directly off the wall.

Consider stopping and shopping some good paintings and great food to take home. See you at the Grocery!


Max Hansen Carversville Grocery, 6208 Fleecy Dale Road, Carversville, Pa.18913 for hours call 215-297-5353.


James Feehan:  The red usually functions pretty intently in pieces.  If I could say one more thing before we depart…Now, technique-wise that is using a cold wax method. dsc02336_2To me, that means quite simply I’m mixing my paints with wax and applying them with a palette knife directly to the surface. That happens to be done on paper. Of course it is supremely archival, what with the wax, the wax is terrifically long lasting. It encapsulates the ephemeral bits and makes them permanent. But the reason that I mention it is in the technique I’m painting with a palette knife and thick bodied color and almost like carving into the surface…it’s much more open to large expression and forceful delivery and contact and even content because of that physical relationship. You are much more engaged in terms of what you are creating: you’re right on top of it, you’re using your whole body. In contrast, when you’re handling a brush and you’re creating something you almost entertain this distance from the subject but this technique really forces you to be so direct and so involved and so much a part of the development of the piece that it elicits another kind of energy from you.


James Feehan: “…. music IS very important and so my approach is pretty open to all kinds of influences so I can’t realize a particular aspect to use to illustrate…but the thought that does occur to me is that when dsc02358_2music becomes the subject in my work then I have the tendency to allow that to become more light hearted, less tethered to reality, and more joyful.  They will be about the celebration of music, not so much about penetrating the individuality but rather enjoying that kind of unity of expression.  I’ve used those as almost “palate cleansers” to indulge myself because it is a different mentality. It’s freeing for me. I’ll use the same process…I’ll allow things to generate out and percolate up.  To me music…that has always been my response, it is always much more light hearted when I choose to paint musicians. dsc02368For a long time I painted a lot of musical episodes. There’s a piece here that has the sax player but he’s more tethered to a religious expression. Even though it’s all music here I started putting them in another setting.  Here’s the Madonna in the background. Here’s a bunch of street musicians   There is an interplay of the kind of visual formality that I was thinking about with a kind of musical expression. This one isn’t as untethered and joyful as perhaps what I was referring to, it’s much more studied and portentous than the kind of work that I had in mind.




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