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Traditional French Style Macarons

Focusing first and foremost on quality, Stephane Wojtowicz and the artisan bakers at Au Fournil make small batches of authentic French pastries and baked goods.  The spectacular macarons parisien  pictured below are delicate confections that will melt in your mouth.  You can sample these macarons and the best of local baking at the Carversville Grocery.  See you […] [more]

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Recipe for Max’s Homemade Doughnut Bread Pudding.

Max’s Homemade Doughnut Bread Pudding is available today at Max’s Carversville Grocery because when life gives us doughnuts, we make delicious, sugary pudding! Your friends and family will love this decadent variation of a dessert classic. [more]

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Holiday Gingerbread Made From Traditional Wooden Molds.

For years, Chef Drew Abbate has been making gingerbread for the holidays using these reproductions of traditional Bohemian wooden molds. If you look closely at the image below, you can see that some of the mold designs Drew uses actually date back to the 1600’s. [more]

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Anna Napoletana Tipo “00” Extra Fine Flour for Delizioso Pizza.

Pizza is one of the world’s perfect foods. Delicious year round and best served with a thin, crispy crust where the toppings are minimal, allowing the crust to shine as the main attraction. Knowing which flour to use is importante! [more]