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Farm to Table with our Friends at Blue Moon Acres

Enjoy a fantastic meal featuring locally sourced foods with friends and neighbors this coming Sunday, September 14th. You can buy your tickets HERE [more]

Specialty Pastas at the Carversville Grocery

Max Hansen Carversville Grocery is proud to carry many fine specialty pasta products.  Whether you are looking for the finest traditional Italian semolina products or you have special dietary needs, we know you will love our selection of exceptional products.  In the store this month are pastas and other products from Ghigi, La Casa del […] [more]

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Creamy Polenta with Poached Eggs and Spinach.

Most of us love a steaming bowl of oatmeal on chilly mornings, but sometimes it is good to try something less substantial, mayhap a little unpredictable. Like polenta. [more]

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McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oats.

McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal What better way to gain the strength and energy to carry you through a hectic day than with a steaming bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal? [more]