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We’re Taking Orders Now for Thanksgiving Take Out!

Max Hansen Carversville Grocery Thanksgiving 2016   Max Hansen Carversville Grocery is happy to help you with your holidays with our 2016 Thanksgiving Dinner Package.  Our dinner package includes one whole roasted Turkey with gravy and house cranberry sauce, plus Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes; Truffled Green Beans with Wild Mushrooms & Shallots; Caramelized Onion & […] [more]

Love Local Shopping! Christmas in Carversville.

Our local elves have been busy designing jewelry, making unique gifts with local resources, painting pictures, printing cards, making jams, weaving one-of-a-kind scarves, creating whimsical characters, and of course baking the most luscious cakes and cookies.  When you enter into the enchanting world of the Carversville Grocery this year you will find the perfect gifts […] [more]

Thanksgiving Menu 2014

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large Thanksgiving celebration, let Max Hansen Carversville Grocery take the hassle out of your holiday. Our Turkey Take Out meals take all the hard work out of the holiday tradition and allow you to enjoy a truly scrumptious Thanksgiving Feast! Here’s the menu. Of course, we need to have enough […] [more]