Great Steaks and Superb Veggies Star at This Year’s Farm to Table at None Such Farm

One of our favorite events at the year is the farm to table at None Such Farm with our friends the Yerkes family.  Each year the proceeds of this event go to worthy philanthropic causes.  The beneficiary of this year’s event, Rolling Harvest Food Rescue,  is near and dear to our hearts and to our community. Rolling Harvest collects produce from local farmers and distributes the goods to local food pantries.  The core mission of providing nutritious and delicious foods to people in need has really struck a chord with the food providers in our region.  At Max Hansen Caterer we are proud to support this important community resource and we especially love cooking with amazing ingredients such as we find at None Such.

The beef that is grown on the farm here is some of the best we have ever eaten: marbled, cherry red, and super flavorful. The fresh vegetables that we get for this event in the last weeks of summer are also very special.  We pair  heirloom tomatoes with fresh basil and mozzarella while the None Such sweet corn, peppers, and zucchini make a yummy veggie succotash. With  music provided by  Chip Mergot and Annie Bauerline filling the air and the cheerful conversations of friends and neighbors we have to say this has been a perfect day. We hope to see you at next year’s farm to table at None Such Farm.


It was a beautiful warm Indian Summer day at None Such Farm….






Max Hansen (left) and John Yerkes (right) have collaborated on many a fine meal. The Yerkes grow some of the best ingredients in Bucks County including beef, tomatoes, and corn



This beautiful tractor had a place of honor at the farm to table this year.


Max’s special bruschetta features many of the ingredients grown here at None Such Farm


The salads include micro greens from our friends at Blue Moon Acres Farm.


Fresh chives on the cutting board.


A plate of local yummy goodness including succotash, beef and roasted peppers all from None Such Farm.

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