Meet Carversville Grocery’s Artist of the Month: Abby Sernoff

Meet artist of the month Abby Sernoff who’s work is showing now at the Carversville Grocery.  Working primarily with paper, ink, and acrylic paint, Abby Sernoff’s bird collages have been featured by Audubon Magazine.  Her collages showcase varied texture, pattern, and color and include papers collected from numerous sources. She prefers to use recycled materials as much as possible; her pieces often contain re-purposed calendars, shopping bags, wrapping paper, maps, greeting cards, old book pages, and junk mail.

Abby’s work is inspired by the natural world around us, especially birds. Her artwork is heavily influenced by the mythology and symbolism that birds and other creatures have conveyed over centuries. She strongly believes nature is always communicating with us, and tries to reflect in her artwork the beauty that surrounds us. Since Abby’s journey as an artist has paralleled her journey healing from illness, she also wishes to convey a message of hope and optimism through her art.

We think you will love these colorful, luminous and mysterious creatures from the imagination of Abby Sernoff!

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