Sitting on Sarah Silverman!

When Fox 29’s Chris Murphy good-naturedly hopped on top of super pumpkin “Sarah Silverman” for his interview with Max this past Tuesday morning we all guess the weightwondered what would happen next.   When his cue came during the live broadcast, Chris went for it declaring, “I’m sitting on Sarah Silverman!”   What followed was a fun interview that really put the spotlight on local organic farmers Haycock Hippies who faithfully nurtured these behemoth pumpkins from seed to show biz superstars.  Stay tuned for more information as we’ll be posting a video of the news segment in the coming days.

Guess the combined weight of our pumpkins and win a $50 gift certificate to the Carversville Grocery!


Fox 29’s Chris Murphy and Max Hansen are both over 6 feet tall. These are some big pumpkins!


Our little old village of Carversville hosts a live TV broadcast featuring our charming pumpkins “Sarah Silverman” and “Gilda Radner.”


Pumpkin “Sarah Silverman” and her litter of little pumpkin groupies enjoy meeting Fox 29’s Chris Murphy.



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