Solebury Orchards at the Carversville Grocery!

For those of us who love local food and appreciate local food producers, Solebury Orchards is definitely near and dear to our hearts! Whether it is delicious apple butter, pear butter, fresh fruit and berries or cider we always like to have an assortment of their fine products here at the Carversville Grocery.

We love to use Solebury Orchards products in our catering operations too, as in the Seared Foie Gras with Solebury Orchards Apple Butter on a Challah Crisp pictured below!  Next time you are gathering to enjoy a meal with friends and family be sure to kick it up a notch with local ingredients such as these pictured here from Solebury Orchards.






This appetizer of Seared Foie Gras on a Challah Crisp is topped with a dollop of Solebury Orchards Apple Butter.


Solebury Orchards Apple Cider is a local favorite at the Carversville Grocery.


Solebury Orchards Apple Butter is pure local deliciousness.


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