Great Steaks and Superb Veggies Star at This Year’s Farm to Table at None Such Farm

One of our favorite events at the year is the farm to table at None Such Farm with our friends the Yerkes family.  Each year the proceeds of this event go to worthy philanthropic causes.  The beneficiary of this year’s event, Rolling Harvest Food Rescue,  is near and dear to our hearts and to our community. Rolling […]

Sagra del Riso at Blue Moon Acres

Pennington, NJ / Sept. 14, 2014  Everyone in the Max Hansen Caterer kitchen was excited when we got several  boxes of freshly harvested ingredients from our friends at Blue Moon Acres  in preparation for tonight’s Sagra del Riso. A “sagra” is a traditional Italian festival celebrating the harvest. In this case the harvest included several types of rice grown here […]

Nothing brings people together like food. A fundraiser designed around a meal with friends can make a real difference.